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Highlight Goals featuring Farsali

Highlight Goals featuring Farsali

Summer will soon be in my rearview mirror and I'm crying inside. As Fall approaches I think about how I detest loosing that summer glow that I love so much. This Summer my skin was a bit more luminous than usual. Let me tell you why.

Back in April of this year I got the opportunity to model for the indie skin care brand Farsali, created by Sal Ali, inspired by his wife, muse and beauty guru Farah Dhukai. I thought it would be great to try the products for a few months and then give my unbiased opinion on them. I thought it would be interesting to share my personal perspective being apart of the New Jelly Beam Campaign and as a new blogger. I was in no way asked or paid to do this review. This will be my very first beauty review.  

Prepping to shoot for the New Jelly Beam Campaign (Rose Goals)

Prepping to shoot for the New Jelly Beam Campaign (Rose Goals)

This June the well known Instagram brand launched two new highlighters to add to their already successful Jelly Beam Illuminator Glazed (which I consider a universal champagne). Rose Goals which gives the skin a golden glow and Glowup, a champagne pink with hints of magenta. The jelly like substance should be applied with the fingers on any area you want to highlight such as cheeks, under the brown bone or the lips (cupid's bow). It's a buildable product so use a light touch. I have also used this product on my collar bones and as an eyeshadow on my lids. 

Jelly Beam has been a great addition to my summer makeup routine

Jelly Beam has been a great addition to my summer makeup routine

I've used the products for 4 months now and let me tell you that you can really get a bang for you buck with this product, because a little goes a long, long, long way! 

I think the packaging of the products are sleek and attractive ~ Jelly Beam $40

I think the packaging of the products are sleek and attractive ~ Jelly Beam $40

Aside from using the Jelly Beam products I was also introduced to 3 other products by Farsali that I slowly added to my skin care routine because I did not know what to expect. I started with the extremely popular Rose Gold Elixir with it's infused 24k gold specks and fresh citrus smell. Here are some of the benefits.

  • easy to mix-in with makeup (I add drops to my beauty blender)

  • improves the appearance of skin for a healthy look

  • can be used on dry lips

  • high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A

  • contains rosehip seed oil and linolenic acids

  • a little goes a long way especially for oily and combination skin types

FARSALI  products can also be found on and in-store

FARSALI products can also be found on and in-store

The Rose Gold Elixir gave me a luminous glow on it's own, when combined with my moisturizer and a bit of foundation. I use very little due to my combination skin. The glow was natural, undeniable and the smell is to die for. I would recommend this product to all.

I then tried the Unicorn Essence which is said to be a dual purpose serum. There have been mixed reviews about this product, but here is my take on it and some benefits.

  • a skin primer before moisturizer and makeup

  • contains 4 super fruit extracts rich in antioxidants and packed with Vitamin C

  • give the appearance of younger healthy looking skin

The smell of the Unicorn Essence is pretty dreamy. It has a cotton candy color and bubble gum smell. I personally loved the smell, but others may find it too sweet, but it does not linger for long. After I applied it as directed I noticed that in photographs my foundation would appear slightly darker, which I think is attributed to the pink color in the product. I began to not use as much when applying and noticed that my foundation looked fine after the adjustment. So again, with this product like the others, a little goes a long way.

Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence 30ML: $54, 10ML: $22  Volcanic Elixir 30ML: $39

Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence 30ML: $54, 10ML: $22

Volcanic Elixir 30ML: $39

I think it's a good primer because my foundation was pretty smooth after the application. Is it a GREAT primer? I think it holds up well, but I haven't done any comparisons. It did not stop my skin from being oily (even though the elixir is not greasy at all) in my t-zone so if they could find a solution to combat excess oil that would be awesome. I would love to see how other popular primers by Elf Cosmetics and Smashbox's Photo Finish compare. I would say buy the smaller size and see for yourself if you want to invest in the larger bottle. 

Last but not least, the Volcanic Elixir which can be used day or night is a Polynesian beauty oil. Do not expect an enticing smell like the others. This oil has a very organic nut like smell, so not my favorite in that regard, but the product is now apart of my bedtime routine. Here are the benefits:

  • 100% natural tamanu oil

  • fragrance and paraben free

  • fast absorbing

  • improves the skin's complexion

  • has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

  • great for those with acne prone skin

I have been using this every night for 4 months and I wake up with such supple and soft skin. I get acne breakouts from time to time and this product shrinks them overnight. I've found that this lives up to it's benefits and when I run out I will be purchasing more of the Volcanic Elixir. I'm in my 30's so this product has given me that supple appearance that I had in your 20's. This will be my go-to when the harsh winter weather comes. 

Everyone's skins needs are different so these products may not agree with everyone.

Photographed by Lindsey Adler for Farsali

Photographed by Lindsey Adler for Farsali

Overall, Farsali is a great brand. The products are cruelty and paraben free which is a huge plus. I respect any brand that is original and constantly trying to innovate to add something special to the beauty industry. The love Sal has for his brand and his wife is evident, seeing the two of them interact in person on set was a breath of fresh-air. Farsali is the bridge that was created between the makeup and skin care industry.  I am extremely optimistic that I can maintain my Summer glow with all the Farsali products. Give it a try and see what you think. I know the products will only get better. 




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