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Yellow Not So Mellow Anymore

Yellow Not So Mellow Anymore

You've probably opened the latest fashion magazine or Instagram feed to find yourself mesmerized by golden hues ranging anywhere from daffodil to mustard, butterscotch to meadowlark and every yellow under the sun (no pun intended).  Starlets on the red carpet, models and fashionistas have been seen rocking the primary hue at every turn. I have to say they have done so flawlessly.
You may ask yourself, "how can I be drawn to such a bright and really difficult color to wear? I don't even like yellow!" Well... yellow can evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energize the senses.  Many of us have been wallowing in winter's never ending grasp for months, no wonder it's so sought after this Spring season. The good news is, there's a hue for everyone. Yellow also represents caution and some may approach the idea of wearing it with just that. CAUTION. No worries, yellow is not so risky once you find the shade that works best with your skin tone. If you find a style you like in yellow and are not sure if it suits your complexion hold it up under you chin. Then ask yourself, "does my skin look dull and sallow or vibrant and youthful?"

Featured dress: Poppy Midi dress by Lost + Wander

This trick will save you time and money, not to mention have you looking fresh for Spring in the hottest color of the season. If yellow is not your thing just give it a try, it may just boost your mood and give you the positivity and energy you need to get through the days ahead.